Thursday, August 23, 2012

Norah Walks

Norah took her first steps alone today!  She's been cruising along furniture and such.  She's been pushing around her walk-behind toy.  But today we helped her balance and she was off!

Of course, she'll need lots more practice, but it cool to see still.

First you will see just her feet, then the whole shebang.  The last part isn't rotated properly...sorry about that!

Summery Summary

Let's see...what did we do this summer?

1) We spent a night and day at Great Wolf Lodge.  Totally expensive, but totally worth it.  Here's the proof:

2) We spent 2 nights in Galveston including a day at the beach with friends.

3) Caleb took beginner's swim lessons.  Here is a video to document his progress:

4) Sarah turned 3 years old.  She requested a princess party.  Happy Birthday, big sister!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quote of the Day

This one brought to you by Caleb...

"Mommy, when we grow up, Sarah and I are going to be polices.  We are going to work at the same police station.  We can give each other kisses.  We can share a police car.  We can have a police dog."

Right now, those kisses are so sweet.  Brother to sister.  One day, he'll be repulsed by the idea of even hugging his sister, I'm sure.

I love that boy!