Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aches and Pains

Each of us here in the Freeman Household are experiencing some kind of ache, pain, or general annoyance.
Jadie has been experiencing some pretty painful lower back pain that travels into his upper left leg to his knee. He assumed he pulled something and that it would heal slowly on its own. It's been over a week and he's finally to the point of seeking medical attention. So, we'll see if the chiropractor can help...he's never been to one and neither have I.
I have been dealing with congestion, sore throat, headaches, and body aches since yesterday morning. Tylenol seems to have taken care of the hurt, but of course the congestion/drainage persists.
Caleb has had a runny nose for about 3 days now, but it seems as though he doesn't have any other symptoms like fever, cough, or grouchiness.
The only one who seems normal is Dusty, our dog.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Life in Pictures

Here are some pictures from the past few months. For some reason I never feel like there's much to blog about, but then I look through my pictures and wonder why I didn't blog about them...
Caleb's first plane ride...going to Ohio

Daddy's Shoes

Halloween: Visiting Jadie's Grandma


Worst Owie ever!
Just Kidding...Caleb thought it was funny to put grapes on his head.

Our Buds are Back in Town...Caleb and Ryan playing together

Granana and Caleb the Dino

Caleb the Dino...again...he LOVES to wear this costume!

Reading his BOZ book

Doing his Community Helpers Puzzle

Not sure what made him try this...but he can almost do the splits!


Golfing...Daddy would be so proud!

I thought I Might Need Proof

As many of you with young children (or who've raised children) know well, toddlers are notorious for sporadic and wacky eating habits that usually don't please mommy. Things like only wanting to eat crackers all day or only eating chicken nuggets. Things like this have been going on around here for quite some time. An unusual thing occurred today; Caleb actually wanted to eat broccoli!!! I have heard many times to just keep introducing foods to your toddler over and over again. It may take 14 times or more for your child to choose to eat certain foods. Could be anything that they refuse to eat. Anyhow, it's usually veggies for our little Caleb. I mean that he aviods the veggies. He will sometimes eat green beans, but never broccoli! So, here's the proof...I wasn't kidding!

For those of you who are curious...that's also mac and cheese and BBQ sauce and chicken strips are on the tray, not the plate. He didn't eat much of the chicken or mac today, but a victory for broccoli!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Melancholy to Merry

I've been feeling a bit melancholy Monday-Tuesday-Today. Not sure why...maybe the drizzly, cold, wet-for-three-days syndrome.

So Monday was a shopping day and a luncch with Jadie day. Caleb and I went to Temple around 11am to try to beat the lunch crowd. We browzed through Hobby Lobby for a while until Jadie called to say he could leave for lunch. We enjoyed lunch at Fazoli's. Jadie was really excited to share some deer jerky with me that one of his work buddies had given him. Yummy! After lunch, we ventured over to Ross, Marshall's, Target, and Michael's in hopes of finding some stocking holders that didn't cost an arm and a leg. No such luck...the cheapest I found were $15 each. I'll try to Dollar General later this week.

Tuesday we stayed in all day long. We watched Ratatouille, did only one load of laundry, and well, that's about it. I had coffee with some of my mommy friends at Starbucks at seven. It was a nice time of conversation...funny how we talk about our kids more than anything else.

Today I slept until 9:45 am...I don't know if Caleb sleeps so late because my lazy habits have caused him to sleep later or if he's just always going to be a late sleeper. I'll be praying for him to wake earlier so that I will be forced to do the same...I feel like my whole day is almost gone when I don't get up before 8:30 or 9am.

So here we are...moving from melancholy to merry! I'm going to get something done this afternoon...well, now it's almost evening...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Celebrating 80 Years!

To my dear PawPaw: HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!! You are a wonderful man whom I admire and love deeply. Over the years, I have watched you care for your family, play with your grandchildren, and treat everyone like an old friend. Thank you for being such an example for me.
I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow!