Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Black and Yellow/Quote of the Day

Ever heard of the song Black and Yellow?

I hadn't.  But it was played at the bowling alley during our Sunday school social back in August.  Caleb and Sarah enjoy singing the chorus from time to time.

**Disclaimer:  This in no way reflects my taste in music...or my approval of this song.

Well, my two little goofballs were singing Black and Yellow today.

And this led to today's Quote of the Day.

I asked Caleb if he knew what creature was black and yellow.

You'd expect him to say a bumble bee, right?

You'd be wrong.

Caleb said this:

"If the people painted grass black and yellow and then a creature climbed in the grass and camouflaged itself, it would be black and yellow."

Well, that's right I suppose.  Correct, indeed.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Monogramed Stockings

An update to last year's post about our Christmas stockings...

Last year, we weren't even planning on another stocking!  But my heart was changed by the turning of the new year and God gave us the hope of a baby in one short month!  All that to say that our stocking line-up has increased this year.  Take a look!

A few notes for anyone wanting to make their own stockings:

Start by reading last year's post, HERE.

You'll need:
Red Glitter Felt (by-the-yard in the fabric section), 1-2 stockings per 1/3 yard
White Fleece, 4-6 stockings per 1/3 yard
Black Fabric with interfacing
Ribbon for hanger

I used Baskerville font in size 288 in bold for my letter templates.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Highs...and Lows

Let's begin with last night's low.

Norah would. not. go. to. sleep.
9 pm came and went.
10 pm came and went.
11 pm came and went.
You get the picture.
She was up and fussy from 8 pm until 12:30 am.
And finally she was down for the count.

This morning, I was searching for excuses to skip Bible Study.  I had planned to make my return this week after having been out for the summer and after birthing Norah.  And this morning, I wasn't feeling it.  Not even close.  I was tired.  My mouth was still hurting from the cavity I had filled yesterday.  Sarah was being uncooperative.  I had Christmas shopping to do.  The car gas light was on.  And I came up with a few more excuses as I drove home from dropping Caleb off at school.

Then I heard a quiet voice say, "Lauren.  Why are you making all these excuses?  Really.  Are you going to let the enemy keep you from going back to a study that you know will keep you in my word daily?"  I heard it.  I listened to it.  I took it seriously.  And I got myself together and drove to BSF.

Another low as we walked from the car to the church.  Sarah fell in the parking lot and skinned her knee. I tried to carry Norah's carrier while trying to console Sarah, but she was inconsolable.  One of the sweet ladies holding to doors came out to the parking lot to carry Norah into the building so that I could attend to Sarah.  What finally calmed Sarah?  Asking her if she was ready to go to her class and meet her new friends.  What a blessing to have a child eager to meet new friends!

I struggled to decide whether to keep Norah with me during Bible Study or to take her to the infant class.  I ultimately decided to let the leaders keep Norah until she needed to nurse.  It was SO nice to have time to myself without a baby within 2 feet of me.  Ha!

And to end this post with the good stuff...

I asked Sarah, "Where is Jesus now?"  She said, "Cooking cookies."  Oh, really?
Chick-fil-A is always a pleasure.
Seeing new BSF friends at lunch.
Accomplishing the purchase of 5 Christmas gifts.