Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gotta get a picture of some cute kiddos up here after so many bargain posts!

Monday, September 28, 2009

FREE Redbox Rental Codes

Current Redbox Codes
(each code can be used once per credit/debit card)
DVDATWAG - Walgreens Only
SMR8DVD McDonald's only
To Use Redbox Codes, Follow the Instructions Below
1) On the first screen select "Rent With Promo"
2) Enter the code
3) Choose your movie and swipe your debit or credit card (this is in case you don't bring the movie back. They will put a $1 charge on your card to hold the movie, but if you return the movie by 9 pm the next day, the charge will be removed)
4) You can use 1 code for each debit/credit card that you have, so to rent multiple movies, just do the above process with each card.
To find the nearest Redbox, click here.

Thanks Ashley from Frugal Coupon Living!

Homemade Quesadilla

For those of you who are visual, you're out of luck. I didn't take a picture of this one.

Lauren's Bacon Quesadilla

Shredded Colby Jack Cheese
Diced Tomatoes
Real Bacon Bits (I use Oscar Mayer)
2 Flour Tortillas
Cooking Spray

Spray skillet with cooking spray and put a tortilla in the pan.
Heat skillet to low/med heat (I use setting 4 on my stove).
Sprinkle a generous amount of cheese over the tortilla.
Sprinkle bacon bits over cheese.
Add the diced tomatoes and another layer of cheese.
Place 2nd tortilla on top and spray it with cooking spray.
When cheese seems to be melted, flip the quesadilla to the other side.
Let tortilla brown and remove from heat.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let The Children Come

Sometimes, I have the sweetest, most honest little boy. Sometimes not so much. Today's conversation brought me to tears, sweet tears.

I'll do my best to get this right...
Caleb: "I don't want Granddaddy to die." (My dad died 2 years ago, September 2007)
Me: "Well, me neither, Caleb. Sometimes it makes me sad."
Caleb: "I'm sad." (As tears well up in his eyes)
Me: "Sometimes it makes me sad because I miss Granddaddy, but sometimes it makes me happy because I know he's in Heaven with God."
Caleb: "Sometimes I want to go to Heaven to be with God."

I followed with telling him about how Jesus died for us, so that we may go to Heaven when we die. He quickly changed the subject, but not before restating that he sometimes wants to go be with God.

Maybe a little heavy for a three year old. Maybe not. They understand more than we know. They are honest about their feelings. And they are simple in what they know and believe.

"But Jesus called the children to him and said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.'" Luke 18:16-17

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's Target Trip

I paid $48.50 today (no picture).
Regular prices with no coupons, clearance, or sales discounts would have made my total $133.08.  That's about 64% off!

3 Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins, sale $1.66 ea
-3 $1.50  MFR coupon from inside the tins
=$0.48 total OOP

Target Brand Dryer Sheets, 80 count, $2.29
-$0.75  Target coupon from home mailer 
=$1.54 total OOP

2 pkg Nature Valley Nut Clusters, sale $2.50 ea
-2 $1.60 MFR coupon from coupons.com
=$1.80 total OOP

2 pkg Nature Valley Granola Bars, reg $2.44 ea
-2 $0.40 MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
=$4.08 total OOP

2 Target brand Thin Spaghetti, sale $0.87 ea
=$1.74 total OOP

Sara Lee Wheat Bread, reg $2.69, sale $1.99
=$1.99 total OOP

Minute Maid Orange Juice, reg $2.44 ea
=$2.44 total OOP

2 pkg Bic Soliel Razors (4 count + 2 bonus razors), sale $3.99 ea
-2 $3.00 MFR coupons from Sunday paper insert
=$1.98 total OOP

2 Rimmel Mascara, reg $2.44 ea
-2 $2.00 MFR coupons from Sunday paper insert
=$0.88 total OOP

2 pkg travel size Nexcare tattoo bandages (CARS characters) 8 count, reg $0.96 ea, clearance $0.48 ea
=$0.96 total OOP

2 pkg Renu Contact Lens Solution (2 oz travel size), reg $1.52 ea
-$2.00 MFR coupon from MFR website
=$0.96 profit

2 Simply Ageless Foundations, reg $13.99 ea
2 Exact Eyelights Eye Shadow, reg $6.99 ea
-2 $6.99 MFR coupons from Sunday paper insert (actually a B1G1 coupon stating buy 1 simply ageless, get one face product free)
-2 $1.00 MFR coupons from Sunday paper insert
-2 $3.00 Target coupons
=$19.98 total OOP

2 pkg Target brand shredded cheese, sale $1.79 ea
-$1.00 Target coupon
=$2.58 total OOP

3 jars Ragu tomato pasta sauce, reg $1.87 ea
1 jar Ragu alfredo sauce, reg $1.87 ea
-2 $0.75 MFR coupons from Sunday paper insert
-2 $0.75 Target coupons
= $4.48 total OOP

Snickers Ice Cream Bars, reg $3.19 ea
-$1.00 MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
-$1.00 Target coupon
=$1.19 total OOP

M&Ms Ice Cream Sandwiches, reg $3.54 ea
-$1.00 MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
-$1.00 Target coupon
=$1.54 total OOP

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Header

I had gotten Sarah asleep in Caleb's bed while I was doing something in there.  Then I told Caleb not to disturb her while I took a shower.  This is what I saw when I came out wrapped in my towel.  What a sweet brother!

Zuppa Toscana

I'm passing this along from A Thrifty Mom, because this is Jadie's favorite soup!  
I did condense her words, so if you want step by step pictures and more narration, HERE is her original post.


1.5 lb Italian sausage

1 medium onion, diced

6-8 medium potatoes

6-8 cups chicken broth

3 cups heavy cream

6 cups kale

In a deep stock pot, brown the sausage and onion over medium heat.  Drain the meat and set aside.

Wash and dice the potatoes, leaving the skin on.

Add chicken broth, potatoes, salt, and pepper to the stock pot.

While the pan is still cool add in the heavy cream.  It is important to add this while the broth is still cool, if you add it to a boiling pot the cream will curdle.

Now add the sausage back to the pot, and turn on medium heat.  Slowly bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring every few minutes so you do not scald the cream.

Once it comes to a boil turn down to medium / low heat so it can simmer for 20 minutes.

While your soup in simmering, wash your Kale very well. Chop the kale leaves into small bite sized pieces.

Once the soup has been simmering for 20 min, add the chopped kale, cover again and simmer another 30 mins.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Been A While...

...since I've used my coupons for some rock bottom deals!

Here's my haul from Walgreens #1 this morning:
I paid $11.21 for everything pictured here.
Regular prices with no coupons or sales discounts would have made my total $25.27.  That's about 50% off!
BUT, I also walked out with $8.50 in Register Rewards good toward my next trip to Walgreens.

2 bottles Formula 409 (32 oz), sale $2.50 ea
-$1.00 ea  MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
+$2.00 RR (Register Reward)
=$3.00 total OOP (out of pocket)

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner (13.5 oz), sale $2.99 ea
-$2.00/2 MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
+$2.00 RR
=$3.98 total OOP

Therma Care Sample Pack, sale $2.49
-$1.00 printable coupon from MFR website
+$2.50 RR
=$1.49 total OOP

2 Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes, sale 2/$4
-$2.00 MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert (actually a B1G1 coupon)
+$2.00 RR
=$2.00 total OOP

Here's my haul from Walgreens #2 this morning:
I paid $8.79 for everything pictured here.
Regular prices with no coupons or sales discounts would have made my total $42.87.  That's about 80% off!
BUT, I also walked out with $6.50 in Register Rewards good toward my next trip to Walgreens.

2 Airwick i-Motion Ultra, sale $6.99 ea
-$6.00 ea  MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
=$2.00 total OOP

Aussie Sprunch (8.5 oz), sale $2.99 ea
-$1.00 MFR coupon from mailer
+$2.00 RR
=$1.99 total OOP

Therma Care Sample Pack, sale $2.49
-$1.00 printable coupon from MFR website
+$2.50 RR
=$1.49 total OOP

2 Crest Cavity Protection (6.4 oz), sale 2/$4
-$0.50 ea MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
+$2.00 RR
=$3.00 total OOP

Here's my TOTALLY CRAZY Target Steal!
I paid $3.62 for everything pictured here.

2 Glade Scented Oil Candle Tins, sale $1.66 ea
-2/$2.00  MFR coupon from Sunday paper insert
=$1.32 total OOP

2 Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills, sale $2.50 ea
-$3.99 ea  printable coupons from MFR website (cashier should have only deducted $2.50 ea)
=$2.98 total PROFIT

3 pk Hanes Bikini Panties, reg. $5.00
=$5.00 total

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get Out The Kleenex

I needed the Kleenex at church this morning for baby Charis' dedication.  This prayer was read aloud.  As I opened my eyes and looked around, I discovered that I wasn't the only one wiping my eyes!

May God grant you peace in the midst of a storm
May God give you strength even when you're forlorn
May you answer the door when Jesus comes knocking
May wisdom guide you when your mouth is talking
May discretion protect you and keep you pure
May you never stumble or fall for a lure
May your heart remain humble to the very end
May uprightness and truth be what you defend
May the world not ensnare or change who you are
May the light that's within you shine like the stars  
May angels surround you body, spirit, mind  
May favor and peace be yours to find  
May rejection and pain never reach you  
May your spirit grow bold for what you're called to
As you rest in Gods care I will rest too  
Knowing that Jesus is watching over you  

Friday, September 18, 2009

6 Week Old Sarah

Blue Bell Coupons!

Click on the Print Coupon picture.  After you print once, hit the back button on your browser to print a second time.  After that, you will be blocked from further printing.  

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ready or Not?

I did two things this week I'm not sure I was ready for:

1. I priced all of Caleb's clothes and put them in the JBF sale today!  I did choose not to date them if they remain unsold, but if they do sell...so long my friends!  I have really been wavering back and forth between being finished having children and trying for one more (not yet, but in the future).  Jadie seems set to be finished and I am being stretched by these days with a newborn, I am very much leaning toward being finished as well.  If we are surprised in the next few years, we'll just have to start a new baby wardrobe (if it's a boy).

2. I put Sarah in her crib for most of the night.  We kept Caleb in the bassinet for quite a while.  I'm not really sure how long, but way beyond 6 weeks.  I thought I 'd try Sarah in her crib for at east the first half of the night, considering her nursery has been sitting unused except for diaper changes.  She did well getting to sleep with no pacifier, only a good blanket swaddling.  I'm trying her again right now for a nap and she seems to be doing well.  I did give her the pacifier, but she has spit it out and is laying quietly with the womb sounds bear going.  I'll still be using the bassinet a little each night, but not full time anymore...unless I change my mind (which is known to happen).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Patience Required

I've written a little short story about our trip to the grocery store this afternoon.  And the drink spill to top it all off!

I've been putting off the grocery store now for almost two weeks.  We did go to Target last week to got a few necessities, but our Target is the Greatland version, so we only have packaged foods (including refrigerated items like milk and cheese), but not fresh meat or produce.  So a trip to the Central Texas grocery monopoly was inevitable (I hate Wal-Mart's meat department, so that was out of the question).  Back to the story.  Today I decided to bite the bullet and take both kiddos with me to the grocery store.  I successfully procrastinated an extra 2 hours by driving to Temple to have lunch with Jadie before actually pointing the car toward the store.

I knew I would need to feed Sarah before going into the store, but I also knew that stopping by the house would mean I'd decide not to go to the store after all.  So I spent 30 minutes nursing her in the car in the HEB parking lot while listening to Caleb complain about how tired he was of sitting in his car seat.  That made for a joyous experience.

I was looking forward to trying out the homemade baby wrap a friend graciously gave to me after I told her about my failed attempt at choosing a suitable fabric for the one I had Kristin make for me.  Hers was much stretchier and worked very well.  I loaded Caleb in the cart and Sarah in the wrap and headed into the store.

Caleb continued complaining about wanting to go home and about being thirsty.  I didn't want to be there in the first place, so his complaints only fueled my desire to hurry things along.  As usual, I had to go back and forth between the aisles because I forgot something or other and couldn't live without it.  That made things take even longer.  Caleb complained ten more times about being thirsty.  I promised him we'd stop by Bahama Bucks since it'd be Happy Hour (1/2 price drinks).  This only made his complaints about wanting a drink more specific.  He wanted "coconut," which translates to the Bahama Breeze.  I did too.  

We finally finished loading the cart full of meat and cereal.  I had a hard time unloading the cart at the checkout because of having Sarah in the wrap, but that didn't seem to matter since the cashier was in no hurry and was taking a while to ring things up.  When we got to the car, I realized things would be a bit crowded with the gigantic stroller in the back along with 3 camping chairs we'd left in the car from Sunday's church picnic at the lake.  I let the sacker figure out how to get everything in there while I figured out how to get both of my kids back in the car.

I survived, but not without a headache.  Literally.

I felt relieved after taking the first swig of my humongous 44 oz Bahama Breeze, which I counted on drinking most of since Caleb would be taking a nap soon after we arrived home.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of  allowing him to carry that monster of a cup into the house.  I told him to take it to the coffee table and have a few more sips before his nap.  Apparently, he wasn't listening very well and took it to the dining room table instead.  That table is counter top height.   He tried climbing into his chair with that 44 oz cup and of course, dropped it while trying to coordinate holding the cup with climbing into the chair.  Nice. Big. Mess.

What did I learn?  I lack patience.  I do not lack angry words or a stern tone of voice.  Thank you, Lord, for your grace and your patience with me.  Help me make tomorrow a better day.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Three Year Old Logic

Conversation I just had with Caleb:

Mommy: "Ok, Caleb, you have about 30 more minutes to play, and then you're going to bed."
Caleb: "No.  No way. Never."
Mommy: "Yes, Caleb.  30 minutes."
Caleb: "No, I want to play 5 more minutes!"
Mommy: "Alright, 5 minutes it is!"