Monday, August 27, 2007

Nothing Too Exciting

There are many doors and cabinets around our house that must remain closed at all times. The bathroom door is one of them. Not the worst that could have happened...but this is what happens when your toddler actually enjoys brushing his teeth (or at least when his toothbrush has BOZ on it). Notice that his hair makes him look just like the monkey on his T-shirt.

On an outdoor note: due in part to Caleb's thorough enjoyment of a friend's swing set (Thanks, Owens family), Jadie and I decided to purchase a kit and some lumber this weekend. I'd love to be posting a picture of the finished product, but we were only able to squeeze in about an hour of work this weekend because of a family member in need. So, look forward to a picture of our new and exciting swing set sometime soon!

This picture's just for Grand-daddy Ray. Caleb has been enjoying his new teddy bear. Thanks!
As adorable as this little overall outfit is, there were TWO people who mistook Caleb for a little girl that day. Maybe I should put a shirt on him...or a baseball cap.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It Happened Tonight...

Well, several friends told me to watch out for the day that Caleb would take off his own diaper. It happened tonight!!!
We put Caleb to bed around 9:15pm tonight. He was quiet for about 45 minutes, but at 10 o'clock sharp, I heard his screaming and crying. I went into his room and reached out my arms to pick him up. Instead of receiving his outstretched arms, I received a diaper. Huh? I thought. This is weird. I knew there wasn't an extra diaper in his crib and he can't reach the diaper holder from inside his crib. Luckily he hadn't peed in the bed, nor was the diaper wet since I had just put him in a new one.
Other mommies, BEWARE! This could happen to you too...but next time it might not turn out to be such an easy fix!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Unattended Water Hose

Last night I decided to do a little yard work. I busted out the weed-eater to cut down a mighty tall field of weeds in the upper section of our backyard. I accomplished the task, but that section of the yard still looks like junk because of a giant pile of firewood, tree sections, and fence parts. Yeah, overwhelming to say the least. After finishing my weed-eating endeavor, I rinsed out our ice chest that had been on the back porch since our camping trip during the monsoon season (Memorial Day Weekend). I took the newly rinsed ice chest to the patio table to dry, when I turned around, this is what I saw...A few moments later...
About 30 minutes later...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Self-Portraits Stink

Yesterday was a happy day! Caleb and I started out the day with many friends and a caravan to Temple, TX to check out the highly-acclaimed (by other moms) Whistle Stop Park. There were many things for Caleb and friends to explore including a fort-esque maze of play equipment with 5 or 6 slides of all sorts, swings, and my personal not-so-favorite spray arch. Caleb got soaked trying to follow Desmond and Luke's example of drinking from the holes where the water came out. The coolest part for me, I mean Caleb, was that the park is located about 30 yards from train tracks. In the hour and a half that we spent there, at least 4 trains went by and one conductor blew the whistle and waved to me, I mean all the kids.

Later in the afternoon, I had my good friend Karen Rinewalt chop off 5 inches from my beautiful head of hair. But seriously, I needed a new 'do. I have been so lazy with styling my hair lately and so I decided to cut it sort enough that I would pretty much be forced to style it everyday. So, after taking a whopping 12 shots of myself so I could show off my new haircut, I finally decided on 1 that is mildly acceptable. There is the reason I usually point the camera at other people! Drumroll, please......

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to Day 1

Hello friends! Today is August 1st...and it has been all day. I figured that the first day of any month is a great day to start something new. So, here is your new portal into the lives of Jadie, Lauren, and Caleb! I am starting this blog so that those of you who don't get to see us as often as we'd all like can keep up with our us and what's been happening.

Picture of the Day:

Caleb and Lauren sporting flip flops...believe it or not, Caleb can put them on by himself, between the correct toes and everything! I'm doing a little happy dance inside at the thought of Caleb actually wearing flip flops someday, as Jadie refuses to wear them because of the between-the-toe factor. Anyhow, you just can't do a Texas summer without flip flops!