Friday, September 21, 2007

The High Cost of Dining Out

Jadie and I have gone back and forth being good stewards of the money God has blessed us with (and Jadie has worked hard for). We take a look at our dining out expenses every once in a while, and sometimes muster the discipline to eat at home most nights and out only 1 or two times in a week. Then there are times that we eat almost every evening and weekend meal at a restaurant or fast food establishment. I think that's enough background info...

So, I got to thinking tonight about how Jadie points out the high cost of my occasional (2-5 times a month) Starbucks Frappuccino. I thought I could actually calculate the total cost of my Starbucks purchases over the last 12 months and that this would possibly shock me into narrowing my addiction to only once or twice a month...12 month period: September 21, 2006-September 21, 2007...Starbucks: $60.80

Considering the only thing I purchase at Starbucks is a drink, I'd say this is pretty steep compared to the other estrablishments totals where I order an entire meal.

What will I do with this information? Probably nothing...except be more concious of how quickly I am making companies more wealthy every time I am too lazy to cook a meal in my own home...


I saw this video for the first time last week. It is life-changing.
Watch it!

Still Around

I am falling into the trap of thinking that I can only post to my blog when something new and exciting happens. Well, I guess I shouldn't keep waiting for that. If you really think about it, something new happens in your life every day.

Here's what's semi-new for me...I started babysitting Baby Blake the day after Labor Day. This has been quite an adjustment for Caleb and for me too. I am used to being more free to move around and get things done since Caleb is walking and entertaining himself well at this age. Blake is another story. I remember these times with Caleb. Babies, too, like a change in scenery and a change of activity every so often. So...I hold Blake, I feed Blake, I change Blake's diaper, Blake swings, Blake sits in my lap, Blake sleeps (sometimes for 2 hours), and so on. I only have Blake in the mornign hours, but taking care of two kiddos does take a lot energy (and patience).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Surprise Visit

Yesterday we were all home; Jadie was sick and playing football on his PS2 while Caleb and I were bored out of our minds from listening to the Texas A&M fight song. The doorbell rang and you'll never guess who it Paw-Paw! He was on his way from Van, TX to Lake Buchanan to play golf with a buddy. We visited for about 15 minutes and showed him Caleb's new swing set. Right before he headed out the door, I handed Caleb to him to snap a picture. Paw-Paw said, "Now there will be a picture of ME on your blog." Evidently, Granny and Paw-Paw check our blog regularly. Paw-Paw, I hope you enjoy seing yourself here as much as we enojyed seeing you show up on our front proch. We LOVE you!

Heartfelt Hello

I talked to Bonnie on the phone last night. She was very tearful and apologetic (though I have no idea what for). She didn't say much, nor did I, we mostly just cried together. I made sure she knew I was crying with joy at finally being able to talk to her. She just kept repeating, "Thank you, and I love you." I reminded her how much we all love her and that there are many, many people thinking of her and praying for her daily.
She finally has her own room at the hospital. I believe that this means her boys are allowed to visit now. I'm sure that will be a decision Steven and Bonnie will make soon.
Please continue to remember her in your prayers...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Endless Fun for Everyone

Ta-Da! Here's our finished swing set. We were able to overcome a few frustrating complications and it has been worth it! Caleb LOVES to slide and swing, and Jadie and I could swing for hours (or at least about 30 minutes)!

The New Truck

No, we didn't buy a new truck. But at&t did. They actually bought it over 6 months ago to replace Jadie's old bucket truck for work. Who knows what has taken them so long to actually get it to Jadie. Here's the old '91 Ford Clunker...careful not to look too long, it might hurt your eyes...
Jadie brought home the new truck last week; I like to call him "Studly," for obvious reasons. Kristin and I even made him a Welcome-To-Your-Parking-Spot sign. Drumroll, please...

Monday, September 3, 2007

My Best Friend Bonnie

Thursday night we recieved some frightening news. My best friend Bonnie had a terrible accident while hiking in Akron, Ohio with her husband, Steven. She fell 30-50 feet from a cliff, tumbling to the bottom and breaking her right arm and shoulder and leg, shattering her right elbow, breaking her left wrist, and dislocating her left ring finger. She was transported to the hospital after the paramedics spent an hour to carefully get to where she had landed.

Jadie and I recieved a phone call at 10:00pm Thursday night from Karrie, Bonnie sister. She tried to tell us the news, but ended up passing the phone to her husband. After Jadie hung up the phone, he told me the news and then began calling other friends so they could start praying. At about 10:30pm, we began making plans to drive the 20 hours to Ohio. We hit the road by midnight.

When we reached Steven and Bonnie's townhouse, it was 1:00 am Saturday morning, so we hit the sack. We went to see Bonnie in the ICU at 10:30am, trying to prepare ourselves as much as possible before we went in to see her. When we walked in, she was sedated and had tubes coming from her mouth. Her right arm was bandaged from shoulder to wrist, with pins and stabilizing aparatus holding the larger bones in her elbow and shoulder in place. She was wearing a neck brace and had a bandage on her chin and a gash on her forehead. Needless to say, it was difficult to see considering how much she means to us. We continued to visit her throughout the day, her condition remaining much the same. She was making improvements in her breathing, initiating 11 out of 12 breaths per minute on her own. She was able to respond to small requests for her to move her thumb or nod her head.

We had to drive back to Waco Sunday morning in order to be back at work by Tuesday, so Jadie, Karrie, and I got home to Waco around 2:00pm Monday afternoon. I wanted to make sure to include the newest AMAZING information about what's going on with Bonnie. I am totally elated after our last phone coversation with Steven at about 1:30pm today.

The hospital has taken out Bonnie's breathing tube and taken her off of the sedation. She was able to say "I love you" to Stephen. She was worried about his sprained ankle! She recognized her parents (Sally and Jerry), her brother (Terry), her sister (Katrina), and our pastor (Roger). Terry even made Bonnie laugh a little. Jadie, Karrie, and I are so glad to hear about all of these incredible improvements, but a little sad that we weren't able to be there to see them for ourselves.

Please continue to pray for Bonnie and her family; there is still a long road to recovery ahead. She will have a 4-hour reconstructive surgery on her right elbow this Wednesday. Praise God that her 2nd CAT Scan came back looking perfect and that her lungs are healing quickly. She is breathing completely on her own now. Praise Him that most of what she's dealing with now is broken bones and that her family can be there with her.