Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Purchases

The necklace...what a bargain!  Real Italian Glass and a Sterling Silver wire necklace for only $4!  I got them at our neighbor's garage sale.  And an added bonus...we sold our old blue/cream couch in that same garage sale!

Notice the new dining room table in the background.  We purchased that about 2 weeks ago and had it delivered on Thursday.  We have been loving it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Man of the House

He's headed back in the morning.  And I mean for good.  This little 6-8 week trip to Houston wasn't quite what we bargained for.  It seemed that there was no end in sight.  Jadie was sharing a room and working from 7am-7pm which made it next to impossible for Caleb and I to go and visit him.  Things were taking a toll on my handsome hubby and so he got himself outta there!  There are two guys in his regular crew who are itching to get down to Houston to earn some extra dough, so let 'em at it!  

Welcome home honey!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mom's in Town!

This weekend has been a good one!  Jadie's been out of town, but I've had plenty of company!  Friday night the Fondren's invited Caleb and me over to their house for dinner.  We had a great time!  I got to know Anne a lot better and we talked for quite a while about all of our hobbies and "projects."  We seem to have quite a bit in common!
Yesterday morning, mom drove in and we enjoyed lunch together and a trip to Hobby Lobby for some 50% off beads.  I'm excited about what I can make with them!
Last night, we ventured out to West to the Kaska Family Farm for some simple fun.  Kristin and I competed in duck races by pumping water out of old-fashioned water pumps.  Caleb played in a "Corn Box," filling up dump trucks with corn kernels and burying his legs under the piles of corn.  We attempted the "Corn Maize," but it started getting dark, so we went back out the way we came instead of continuing to get more and more lost.  We'll probably head out there again since they didn't have their pumpkin patch ready yet and also because Jadie would like to try out the "Corn Maize."
Today is Christopher's birthday party, so we plan to go to Vanessa's to celebrate with family.

Have a good week, y'all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woah, Big News!

Jadie is going to work on the coast for 6 weeks because of the hurricane.  How am I going to deal?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Zinnias...

Until next spring!  Such a sad thing...I have really enjoyed my zinnias this summer.  Next spring, I think I'll plant them beside the house since they're so doggone tall!

Here are the last blooms...because I pulled the plants from the bed.  After the wind and rain passes from Hurricane Ike, I'll plant some red and pink chrysanthemums that I bought this afternoon.  Those should be pretty for fall and winter.

Art Class at the Freeman's

Here is Caleb's masterpiece from today.  I LOVE it and I hope you do too!  I copied this idea from Kid's Craft Weekly, which has it's own link below.  I am disappointed that it's not actually updated weekly, but more like monthly or every three weeks.  
Today's art supplies included: Washable paints, a water bottle from the recycle bin for printing circles, a food colors box from the recycle bin for the rectangles, and a flat piece of cardboard backing from the recycle bin which I folded and taped to form a triangle.  
And...Viola!  Caleb really did do this one on his own.  I mean the action of dipping the objects into paint and onto the paper.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Overwhelmed, Now Overcome

I started training to be a Bible Study Fellowship children's leader last week.  Our training last Wednesday was long!!! Caleb did great with the volunteer childcare workers for the whole five hour long session!
Monday we had our first regular leaders' meeting in preparation for today's first day of class.  That day was kind of a culmination of anxiety for me.  There is a lot to do in preparation for a morning with the kiddos, but the source of my anxiety was really in the fact that I had not experienced being in the classroom before.  I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to help me make it through until today.  As I thought I would, I feel much better now that I've experienced a morning in the BSF children's classroom.  I have a better idea of what the kids are like and how to plan for next week!

Monday, September 8, 2008

This One Might Be a Little Too Personal

After a 6 day hiatus, my period returned today.  By 6 day hiatus, I mean that I was six days late.  Since we are entertaining the idea and trying with moderate enthusiasm to conceive a second child, this was a bit of an emotional build up and sudden let down for me.  No major tears or feelings of hopelessness.  We'll just try again this month, and next month, and the month after that.  
The OB/GYN says it's perfectly normal for this process to take over a year.  He also told me that it was also normal to get frustrated or disappointed after a few months.  For now, I'm content let things pan out according to God's plan, but I definitely caught a tiny glimpse of the disappointment many feel as they discover that they are not pregnant, AGAIN!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

No fun stories this time, just a bland non-detailed account of our weekend.

Friday after work, Jadie finished up the raised garden.  That is, he leveled it out to perfection and filled it with topsoil and potting mix.  I now need to plant my fall garden.  And I almost made that sound like I know what I'm doing...

Saturday we went to lunch and came home to watch movies.  Jadie planned to watch the Aggie game at his grandmother's house at six (I think), but after driving to her house (and then back home) to make sure she had Fox Sports Southwest, he discovered that the game wasn't actually broadcast on television. Ha!  We just hung out at home as Jadie watched and listened to 4 or 5 games that night.  He even tried to stay up watching an internet broadcast/replay into the night, leaving him conked out on the couch until halfway through the wee hours of the morning, until 4:21 am, to be exact.  That's when I awoke to severe stomach pain and feverishness all over my body.  Not cool!  Let's just say I got to see my lunch again along with the blueberries I had around eight that night.  Right about now, aren't you glad you read my blog?

Sunday we made it up in time to attend the service only, no Sunday school.  We needed a little more sleep after I woke up feeling terrible and Jadie awoke to my screams for help!

We spent the remainder of the day at Jadie's grandmother's visiting with family since Uncle Larry and Aunt Gerri were in town from Colorado.  I was smarter this time and took to playpen for Caleb to nap and go to bed in.  Don't you remember my rants from last time?

Monday Jadie played golf with his uncle and two cousins while I straightened the house a bit and waited for him to come home.  He called after nine holes and asked me to pick him up at his grandmother's after they finished so we could go to lunch and pick up new toilet parts at Home Depot.  He spent the rest of the afternoon mowing the lawn while I did who knows what.