Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ants in the Pants

Actually, it's worse.  Well, maybe not worse.  Ants bite.  Ok, it's more shocking than ants in the pants.

Caleb was playing quietly in his room.  And boy was he being creative.  And gross.  And completely random.  This was one of those times when you wonder how in the world someone could arrive at such an illogical conclusion.  His conclusion:  I think I will stuff something inside my pants... inside my underwear.  Yes, that will be fun!

Gross.  Here's how I made my shocking discovery...

I walked in to check on him playing quietly.  He seemed embarrassed.  He quietly said, "I don't want you to see me.  Go away."

"This can't be a good sign," I thought.

That's when I noticed his pants weren't all the way up (he was sitting on the floor halfway in his closet).  There was a rather large bulge in the front of his pants.  Sometimes my eyes fool me so I asked if he was... you know.  He said that he wasn't, so I investigated further.  There was something in the front of his pants.

I made him stand up.  It looked like he was wearing a very full diaper.  He hasn't worn a diaper in over a year.  I was giving him a pat down, trying to figure out what in the world he had stuffed into his pants.  He had remained quiet since the sweet "Go away" comment.  Finally, he announced that he had put his stuffed puppy dogs in his pants.  Really?  Yes, THREE of them!

Here's the little culprit with his three accomplices.  I can see how the tiny dogs fit into his underwear, but man, that big brown puppy... how in the world?

Another Boring Narrative Post

Since I posted last Wednesday for St. Patty's Day, I've been busy.  
Jadie took care of the kids for me from the time I left Friday morning until I returned Sunday afternoon.  That's right, almost three whole days!  What a blessing he was to me this weekend!  Where did I go, you ask?  To Tyler, Texas, of course!  
Our church held the annual Women's Retreat at Pine Cove amid the tall pine trees, on the beautiful banks of Lake Palastine, in the falling snow.  Yes, you read that right.  Snow.  The snow fell on us from late Saturday night until after breakfast Sunday morning.
I was feeling frustration and disappointment as I lay awake until 1:30 am Saturday morning.  I had been counting on getting a solid night's sleep since Sarah's still not sleeping through the night here at home.  although it didn't happen the first night, I managed a decent block of sleep the second night.  Enough about sleep, let me tell you what we did.
Friday night, we enjoyed a time of praising our Lord with songs and studying the character of a few women in the Bible.  We talked and laughed until it was time to hit the bunk beds.
Saturday we enjoyed a hearty breakfast, worshiped God some more and studied a couple more ladies from the Bible.  We worked on creating our very own quilt blocks, which I have not yet completed and we scattered all over Tyler for some free time.  During free time, I chose to hitch a ride to Tyler with 4 other ladies who dropped me off at Starbucks to meet my cousin Melissa.  She took me to my grandparents house (whom I have not seen since Thanksgiving) where we visited for a while until my mom arrived.  Mom, Granny, PawPaw, and I enjoyed a tasty dinner together at the Farmhouse restaurant in Van.  We took PawPaw back to the house and I let Mom and Granny navigate me back to Pine Cove so I could rejoin in the Women's Retreat activities.  My favorite parts of the weekend (with the exception of seeing my family) were still to come.  The Variety Show was hysterical as usual and I always enjoy staying up late telling stories and laughing until my stomach hurts.  Fun times!
Sunday morning we wrapped things up and headed home.  Jadie was still standing...did I mention he had help from his mom? I'm sure glad he did!
Jadie had the day off Monday, so we spent it running errands.  So helpful considering I would usually have to do these alone with the two kiddos.  Thank you hubby!
Tuesday was supposed to be back to normal:  Jadie to work and me and the kids getting things done around the house.  But other plans were in store for us.  Jadie's truck sputtered and died fifteen miles down the highway requiring an $80 tow back into town followed by $200 in repairs.  Apparently his ignition coil was damaged and needed replacing.  We got things taken care of though, and Jadie handled himself with such patience and calm.  I am so thankful for the way that he's allowing God to change his heart and attitude.  
Wednesday Sarah woke up feeling icky, but we trudged on to Bible Study.  She was fussy for a bit, but seemed to be herself after being fed.  We made a quick trip to the grocery store for some sandwich items and basic stuff like milk, bread, and eggs.  She fell asleep sitting up in the grocery cart.  By the time Jadie got home from work, she seemed a little warm, but I didn't really think much of it.  I should have.  Buy 8:30 last night, her fever was 103, so we hurried to the Urgent Care Clinic here in town.  She has a milk ear infection and likely has a viral infection that she's fighting off.  
Today the kids and I are sticking around here to rest and hopefully get Sarah's fever under control with Mortin.  In happy news, we should be receiving our Dyson Animal Vacuum today.  No, we didn't shell out the $599 that it retails for.  Jadie used rewards points from work to purchase it.  I can't wait to see how well it works, but I can wait to see all the nasty stuff it sucks out of our carpet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We wore our green to Bible Study Fellowship this morning.  Sarah wore her green dress from Jadie's grandmother, Caleb wore a dark green shirt, and I wore a green and brown floral dress.
Here are the munchkins...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Spring Break"

Ok....I'll start moving the crazy stretched photo of my dear sister on down the blog lines...

Although we're not in school yet or anything, our Bible Study is not meeting this week due to Spring Break, so we've been around the house more than usual.

There have been two unrelated events from this week that were worthy of me busting out the camera.  

1. I couldn't find Caleb to wake him up from his nap.

Yes, that's right. He was under his bed with Patches, sleeping on our card table, which is stored under his bed.

2. I still LOVE the idea of a sit-n-spin! Does anyone else remember these? We got one for Caleb for Christmas (maybe?) and he hasn't really been super interested in it. It does play music, though, so he occasionally turns it on to listen to that. So, yesterday I sat Sarah on it just for grins. She was content just sitting there (obviously not turning herself on it), so I went about my business. I left the room and came back to this:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shout Out to the Sister

You are falling on my Friends list...we need an updated blog post!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Way Overdue

You may have noticed that I deleted my 2010 goals from the sidebar over there ---------------------->
That's because I'm doing a horrible job of working toward any of them. I feel like any given day I'm just treading water, trying to stay on top of taking care of the kids, washing the laundry, fixing meals, getting the bills paid, and preparing for our weekly Bible study. So, please forgive me for misleading you into thinking that I might actually attain my lofty goals. Honesty with myself is more important than feeling inadequate anyhow.

Since I last posted, a few things have happened...

1. Feb 23: We had SNOW! Over 6 inches is unheard of for Central Texas and making a snowman of substantial size is even more unlikely.

2. Feb 25: I hung some pictures on the wall.  I know, quite the show-stopping news.  First, I made a plan by creating sheets of paper to match the sizes of my frames.  Then I marked on the papers where I would need to hammer in the nails.  Then I hammered in the nails and replaced the papers with my picture frames.
The plan:
The finished wall:

3. Feb 25: Caleb got his ears pierced.  Oh, you were paying attention!  Correction: He pretended to wear earrings.  Which he will tell you is silly because girls wear earrings.

4. Feb 26-28: We paid a little visit to Ft. Worth.
We were overdue for a visit with our friends the McGowans.  Nicole & DJ also have two kiddos, a boy and a girl.  Aaron is six, and Lillie is 20 months.  The kids enjoyed playing together while I caught up with Nicole.  Then the kids and I headed over to Granana's for the weekend  Fun times with mom and Kristin!
Aaron, Caleb, Sarah, and Lillie
 Sarah, Nicole, and Me

5. Feb 15-now: Jadie continues to make improvements to the bathrooms, mostly Caleb's right now.  We had new vanity tops installed on February 18th and we've been working on peeling off wallpaper, repairing drawers and painting cabinets since then.  I've only really helped with that first task.  Jadie did all of the painting, mostly over the weekend while we were in Ft. Worth.  Remember, this is a work in progress, so no judging until it's complete.  Only encouragement, please!