Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Way Overdue

You may have noticed that I deleted my 2010 goals from the sidebar over there ---------------------->
That's because I'm doing a horrible job of working toward any of them. I feel like any given day I'm just treading water, trying to stay on top of taking care of the kids, washing the laundry, fixing meals, getting the bills paid, and preparing for our weekly Bible study. So, please forgive me for misleading you into thinking that I might actually attain my lofty goals. Honesty with myself is more important than feeling inadequate anyhow.

Since I last posted, a few things have happened...

1. Feb 23: We had SNOW! Over 6 inches is unheard of for Central Texas and making a snowman of substantial size is even more unlikely.

2. Feb 25: I hung some pictures on the wall.  I know, quite the show-stopping news.  First, I made a plan by creating sheets of paper to match the sizes of my frames.  Then I marked on the papers where I would need to hammer in the nails.  Then I hammered in the nails and replaced the papers with my picture frames.
The plan:
The finished wall:

3. Feb 25: Caleb got his ears pierced.  Oh, you were paying attention!  Correction: He pretended to wear earrings.  Which he will tell you is silly because girls wear earrings.

4. Feb 26-28: We paid a little visit to Ft. Worth.
We were overdue for a visit with our friends the McGowans.  Nicole & DJ also have two kiddos, a boy and a girl.  Aaron is six, and Lillie is 20 months.  The kids enjoyed playing together while I caught up with Nicole.  Then the kids and I headed over to Granana's for the weekend  Fun times with mom and Kristin!
Aaron, Caleb, Sarah, and Lillie
 Sarah, Nicole, and Me

5. Feb 15-now: Jadie continues to make improvements to the bathrooms, mostly Caleb's right now.  We had new vanity tops installed on February 18th and we've been working on peeling off wallpaper, repairing drawers and painting cabinets since then.  I've only really helped with that first task.  Jadie did all of the painting, mostly over the weekend while we were in Ft. Worth.  Remember, this is a work in progress, so no judging until it's complete.  Only encouragement, please!

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  1. I like the new vanity! I think I am going to copy your idea on hanging a picture collage. Great idea!