Monday, February 22, 2010

Monster Trucks and Belly Laughs

Last Thursday, as I was getting things ready for bath time, Caleb entertained Sarah in the bathtub (without water, of course).

Sarah had a very dirty diaper that had leaked through onto her clothes.  I set Sarah in the tub until I could round up post-bath clothes for her and Caleb. Caleb quickly joined her by stripping down and taking his monster trucks to the tub.

As I was getting things ready, I heard great big belly laughs coming from the bathroom.  Nope, they weren't Caleb's, but they were Sarah's.  And this time I caught her in the act. Well, I had Caleb put his underwear back on so I could get a video without exposing more than what was appropriate.

Without further ado...Sarah laughing at her big brother, Caleb, and his creative play!

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