Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What We Read: Week of June 20

We joined the summer reading club at our local library last week. Caleb was given a t-shirt just for signing up to participate. He really didn't need any incentive to check out books, but it was exciting for him nonetheless.

The library allows you to check out up to 30 items at a time. I thought this was a bit much, so I told Caleb he could borrow 2 movies and 8 books at one time. I picked a nice round number so that I'll always know how many items we'd be returning each time we visit the library.

He picked out:

...along with another book entitled Rustie's Big Adventure and 2 Thomas the Tank Engine VHS tapes. Thank goodness we still have a VHS/DVD combo in our bedroom. The library doesn't have very many DVDs for children, but they have LOADS of VHS tapes.

When we reach 20 books read, Caleb will receive several coupons for treats at local restaurants and such. I'll update you when we achieve that milestone and let you know what was included.

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  1. those are some news (to us) and some good ones :)keep reading lil man!