Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caleb's 7th Birthday

Caleb chose to celebrate his 7th birthday at the bowling alley this year.  It was a small gathering, but intimate and fun!

We always have a difficult time deciding many of the details of his party.  Do we have it at home?  Do we invite school friends?  Do we celebrate it during around his actual birthday on December 30th or wait until Mid- January?  This year was no exception.

Unfortunately, not a single friend from Caleb's class was able to attend his party, but we enjoyed time with family and close friends instead.

Because of low attendance, the adults got to enjoy bowling a game also!

Sarah and Chandler
Me Bowling
Chandler and Amanda 
Chandler, Granana with Norah, Caleb, and Chris
Caleb and Chandler
Peyton and Caleb
Chris, Caleb, and Grammy
Lucky Seven
Top View 
Sarah enjoying pizza with Granana and Norah
Caleb blowing out this seven candles
Peyton and Caleb
Chris, Grammy, and Norah

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