Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards weren't high on the priority list this year...but I still managed to get them done.

Here's how things went down:
1.  Turn on the Christmas tree lights.
(This photo doesn't have the lights on, but you get the point.)

2.  Pull up a dining room chair and an ottoman.
3.  Tell the kids to gather together.
4.  Say cheese!
5.  Snap about ten pictures and hope for the best.

6.  Load the pictures onto the laptop.
7.  Open Picasa.
8.  Crop, brighten, boost colors.
9.  Add background patterns and position my three favorite snapshots.
10.  Add text.
11.  Order 4x6 prints online from CVS.
12.  Pick up prints later in the afternoon.

13.  Peel and stick photos onto the front of our Christmas cards.
14.  Write a message inside each card.
15.  Kick myself for buying cards that required me to write inside each one.
16. Address each card.
17.  Take the girls to the post office.
18.  Buy stamps, Sarah's choice.
19.  Spend 20 minutes letting the girls peel and stick the stamps onto the envelopes.
20.  Sing a silent Hallelujah that I'm finished with that labor of love!

And lastly,
21.  Take note to use all-in-one photo cards next year!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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