Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bathroom Progress

**Updated: Tuesday, May 4**

Let's just focus on Caleb's bathroom. Ours will continue to be out of sorts for quite a while.

Double Done With:
Ripping down the hideous light box
Taking down the wall mirror
Cutting and framing the mirror
Replacing the vanity top
Replacing the chrome faucet with brushed nickel
Replacing gold cabinet hardware and toilet paper holder with satin nickel
Priming the cabinets
Painting the cabinets
Paying Miracle Method to repair about 5 chips in our porcelain bathtub
Recaulking the tub
Scraping off the wallpaper
Using Gardz to seal the walls that we damaged by pulling off the paper part of the drywall
Pulling out the toilet
Scraping up the cracked, stained, and peeling linoleum
Laying the tile
Grout the tile
Pay to have the walls textured to match the rest of the house
Select a paint color
Install new lighting
Reinstall the toilet
Paint new shoe moulding
Install new shoe moulding
Purchase new shower curtain

Still To Do:
Paint the walls
Hang new wall mirror
Hang hooks for towels
Hang towel ring
Select new towels

Here's a sneak peek at the tile between the laying stage and the grouting stage:
Do you see that garbage bag Jadie has taped over the hole in the floor for the toilet? I'm so thankful for that step in the process! I can hear the roaches moving against the plastic trying to invade our home. Stay out!

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