Monday, April 12, 2010

The Sickies

Blech!  Between a virus and sinus drainage followed by gagging and vomiting, I've been a one woman clean up crew since last Thursday.  Both kiddos.  Then my mom and sister.
We made a trip to visit Mom and Kristin on Friday, thinking that Caleb's nausea had passed.  He seemed fine by Saturday morning, but Sarah lost her cookies (not literally cookies) during the early morning hours and a few more times through Saturday evening.  By Sunday, they both seemed to be recovered.  We said goodbye to Mom and Kristin and headed back to Waco.  About 10 minutes after returning home, Mom called to say that she had gotten sick.  Then Caleb lost his dinner.  Gross.  Then Sarah lost her dinner...twice.  Then Kristin got sick this morning!  Are you kidding me?
At least my kids are good at sharing :-)


  1. I don't see a link for following your blog. What is your blog address (to make sure I have the right one)?