Monday, December 14, 2009

Diary of a Nursing Mother

Tonight I had a major freak out.  I went out without either of the kiddos and the last thing I said to Jadie before leaving the house was this: "Call me if Sarah wakes up, 'cause you got nuthin'"  Meaning that he had no thawed milk to feed her if she awoke hungry.  I had just put her down before I left, but her last meal had been about two and a half hours prior.  So, I assumed she'd wake up after only about thirty or so minutes.

After being gone for an hour and a half, I was ready to head home.  I decided to call and ask Jadie if he wanted me to pick up a Redbox movie.  I searched my purse for my cell phone.  Then the freak out began. I did NOT have my phone.  All the way home I wavered back and forth between praying and panicking.  I was praying that she was still asleep or that she would calm down until I got home if she had been awake and screaming.  Scenarios were racing through my head of Jadie pulling his hair out (not really possible anyway with such short hair) or playing in the backyard with Caleb and leaving Sarah to cry it out.

I walked in to a quiet house.  Where were Jadie and Caleb?  Where was Sarah?

What I found was a scenario I could hardly believe.  Sarah was still asleep in her bassinet.  Jadie was hiding behind our chair in the living room.  Caleb was asleep in bed.  What a wonderfully faithful God and what a wonderfully sweet (and quirky) husband!

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  1. this is great! she lasted a long time. but sister this is unlike you, I am the one who never knows where my phone is, not you.