Sunday, December 6, 2009


Search & Win

So I've been hooked on Swagbucks for a while now.  I earn Swagbucks for searching on the Swagbucks site.  After stockpiling said Swagbucks, I can redeem them for prizes...giftcards in my case.

My total has slowly climbed to above 300 and I finally redeemed some Swagbucks for a giftcard.  A $10 Starbucks gift card, actually.

I have always thought Swagbucks was a good concept...I can get something (cash, practically) just for doing something I use Google for anyway.  Why not?

I finally realized that I could be earning Swagbucks much faster!

If Swagbucks sounds like something you might like to do, please use my link to the right (or at the top of this post) to sign yourself up.  I will earn a Swagbuck for you signing up and then I'll also earn one every time you win by searching (up to 100 Swagbucks).  Pretty, please do me this favor!

After you sign up, invite your friends and you can earn when they join!

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