Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of an Era

Have you ever felt that a change in someone else's life inevitably means a change in your own life?  For example, when a friend decides to look for a new church home or a coworker makes a job change?

I have been experiencing this feeling lately.  The change is good.  The change is necessary.  I have been spoiled by the way things were.

My little sister is moving out of Waco, her home for the last seven years (excluding the time she spent in Thailand).  She's not moving far.  And I adore her new roommate.  I LOVE her new roommate (Hi, Mom!).  

I'm excited for her internship opportunity as she will be working to resettle refugees from foreign countries right here in North Texas.  It's a great combination of two things she loves: Texas and people from diverse cultures.  I'm just feeling the weight of the change it means for me.  No more weekly sister time for me.  No more weekly Aunt Kristin time for Caleb.  No more excuses to drive down to Baylor for some much needed Common Grounds refreshment.  No more extra help when shopping with two kids.

On the bright side, I will have that much stronger of a reason to drive to Ft. Worth to visit Mom (and now Kristin).  I will cherish the sister time even more.  I will be forced to use the phone more often, which I'm known to avoid.

SIGH...Life will go on.  And life will continue to afford us many opportunities to make wonderful memories.  And I'll be seeing her next weekend for Caleb's birthday party.  We can't possibly be separated because of distance!  Love you, sister!


  1. aww someone is feeling nostalgic. I too have mixed feelings about this transition. I love you sis!

    p.s. don't make me cry, I hate crying.

  2. I know, I know. I just had to acknowledge my feelings somewhere. Know that you presence will be missed!