Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Feel the Excitement?

If not, put yourself in my place.  In less than 24 hours, Jadie and I will be leaving the kids behind with their one and only Granana so we can get away for the weekend!

If it were you, you'd be excited too.

Where are we going?  Wimberley,Texas, of course.  The most captivating location in the world.

Not really.  Yes, we are going to Wimberley.  No, it's not the most captivating place on earth.  But it is quite a slow-paced, peaceful kind of place.  And we will enjoy ourselves.

A group of married couples from our church takes a trip to Wimberley each year around Valentine's Day.  There will be lots of fellowship and good food along with a few seminars that are very laid back and informal.

So, adios, y'all!

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