Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'm contemplating the purchase of bunk beds in the near future.  Top bunk for Caleb, bottom bunk for Sarah.

Does anyone have any tips about bunk beds?

How about bunk beds that can be separated into twin beds later?

Wood vs. Metal?  Is this just preference or a durability issue?

Here is one I'm thinking looks pretty good and in price range:

White Wal-Mart Twin Size Bunk Bed


  1. We bought bunkbeds for the boys and our focus was on quality... because we wanted them to last. And so far we can already tell with Ian's climbing in and out, in and out... that we made a good decision. Ours are wood and separate into two, so Ian is in the top part right now that has the rails. When Seth takes the bottom (probably in a year or so) we'll probably put one of those attachable rails on there for him (because they're kinda high up which is nice for storage underneath). Search online and see if you can find some good deals. Just watch out for shipping costs, that'll get you. "Free shipping" is the magic word!

  2. Not the greatest pic, but here is an idea...

  3. We LOVE our bunkbeds! Wooden, they are as old as Chandler is (granted they weren't slept in much over the past 5 years!) A Must have are the ones that separate into two twins as well, we all know we change our minds and our styles as the years go by and it's nice to be able to make changes to our furniture as well. The boys have theirs separated right now for the first time, we love it!