Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today's Highlights

  • Jadie and I both told Caleb he was not allowed to turn in his homework today, despite Caleb's pleas to do so.  His handwriting was downright sloppy.  A do-over is mandatory.
  • I got both of the girls bathed and a shower for myself in under one hour.  Holla!
  • Mary and Beth invited me out to lunch!
  • I climbed to the top of the play place at Chick-fil-A to assist a screaming Sarah, only to have her finally slide down once I was to the top.  Every inch of that equipment was GREASY.  Grossness.
  • I swung by 1660 ESPN Radio to pick up two free tickets for Jadie to go to the Baylor Men's Basketball game against ACU.  I thought for sure they'd be gone since they were only giving away two tickets total and it had been announced almost 30 minutes prior.  Score (for Jadie)!  Another evening home alone.  No complaints here.  The game starts at 7:00 pm and I put the kids to bed by 7:30 pm.  True alone time, here I come!


  1. The bath/shower thing, man, you're AWESOME! And I had to rescue Ian from the chick-fil-a playscape when I was 8 months pregnant with Seth. And yesterday I had to rescue Seth. Yes, those things are gross... don't look in the corners. Those aren't just dust bunnies in there, more like dust jack rabbits!

  2. No kidding! It does at least smell somewhat clean in there, but it's probably just a cover!