Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ok...Christmas 2010

In pictures...with maybe a few comments...if you're lucky...

Me opening the first excessively taped gift from Jadie.  And it was...

A birthstone necklace with Sarah's August birthstone, the Peridot.  Just beautiful.

Maybe his frown was a premonition.  A few days later, Caleb broke this DVD trying to get it out of the case.

Sarah's keys.  Maybe she'll leave mine alone now...

Jadie's BB gun.  He can't find his Red Rider from when he was a kid and I thought I'd replace it.  But when I stood before the BB gun selection, I decided on the gun made for ages 16 and up instead of the original Red Rider for ages 10 and up.

And now he's afraid of these pajamas.  Just like everything else he decides to be afraid of.  Like the reindeer he built at Build-A-Bear last week.  Which, by the way he chose to put a vibrating heart into.  Now he's afraid of the heartbeat.  He thinks Rudolph is alive.

He's excited now...

And he's still excited as he opens the box...but then he drops from excited to satisfied when he discovers that there's nothing buried under the socks.  I'm all about necessity, honey.  

Something a little more "unnecessary."  New basketball shoes since he plays basketball every Wednesday night.  But of course, he exchanged them for a different pair (even though this specific pair was on the list he made for me).

What a pile of paper!  All recycleable.  And yes, it went into the recycling bin.  And yours should, too.

Finally a set of real wooden blocks for building!

So...Jadie sent me on a hunt for one of my gifts...And I really don't see the clue hiding behind he lights on the tree in the front yard.  Yes, I know you can see it, but I couldn't.

Another clue.  I spared you a few of the pictures.  He took one as I opened each clue and as I searched for the next clue.  And he took a picture of my rear.  You owe me one.

A clue under the shed.

A clue under the leaves by the crepe myrtle.

Victory!  A Cookie Lee necklace he picked up from my friend, Natalie Allen.

Caleb's big present from Santa was a bike!  A Harley Davidson bicycle....which Jadie drove to Toys 'R Us at 11 pm to exchange because we couldn't get the left pedal on.  We were later told that we should have tried screwing it on COUNTER-clockwise.  I hope we remember this for the next bicycle experience...

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