Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Mantel

I used a combination of things to create our Valentine's mantel.  

First off, I bought some pre-cut foam hearts from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts at 40% off.  I think that made them $3 and some change.  Caleb separated the solid hearts from the heart outlines, then he ordered them in his own little pattern.  I glued them to a length of yarn and taped them to the mantel.

Second, I printed vintage Valentine's cards from the internet.  I just Googled "vintage valentine's cards" and picket out some that I liked.  I printed them on regular copy paper and cut them out.  I used pink and red cardstock to create "mats" for them according to the sizes that I needed.  The heart in the white frame is just a piece of printed scrapbook paper cut into a heart and taped to a piece of paper.

Finally, I pulled my red mosaic candles (from Kohl's) back out from the Christmas mantel and presto!  I was done.

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