Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Off Can Be A Hassle

Jadie was off work from the 7th to the 15th because of his knee issues from earlier this month. We had the doctor fill out FMLA paperwork and he was approved. End of story. Right?

Not so much. Apparently, the FMLA is only for the first 7 calendar days. He was off work for 7 work days (9 calendar days). So, in order to receive benefits for the last 2 days he missed work, we had to get paperwork filled out for the disability group. Ok, that's annoying, but doable.

Not quite the end of the story. To further complicate the story and light a fire under us to make sure all of the details are taken care of, Jadie got a call today from the payroll department. Through this phone call, Jadie was informed that he is still shown to be off of work (even though today is his 6th day back to work). So, until the disability paperwork is completed and approved, he is not getting paid for actually being at work and working.

I'm praying that the details are worked out and that we get paid...we are a one income household, after all!

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  1. I work in the Ethics Dept for a Fortune 200 Co and we see this type of thing ALL the time! Going out on FMLA, or Short Term Disability is always crazy! I hope it gets worked out soon!